Show your support for the people of Ukraine with these unique shirts available exclusively at GrupDesk. 
Show you can help support the ukaraine

Our 'Stand With Ukraine' T-Shirts are here!

Show your support for the people of Ukraine with these unique 
T-shirts available exclusively at GrupDesk. Every purchase of a Ukraine T-Shirt from GrupDesk helps support the people of Ukraine against the violence being inflicted. 
Stand with us against tyranny

Available in all kinds of sizes.

In Canada, everyone has the right to life, liberty and security. We believe that all persons deserve this right. The people of Ukraine have had this right forcibly taken away from them by the tyranny of the Russian Government.

Proceeds from purchases of the Ukraine T-shirts will be donated to Ukrainian Organizations to help stop the persecution of the Ukrainian people and help give them their lives back.

Help make a difference

Proceeds of sales will go to help the people of Ukraine

The ongoing war and conflict in the Ukraine hits close to home for us at GrupDesk.

Meet Bogdan Savchuk, he is an employee of our member company, Xciting Media. He and his family are victims of the ongoing violence in the Ukraine. Although some of his family have been able to migrate to Canada, he still has many friends and family across the sea, fighting for their lives and fighting against the radical Russian Government.

Your support helps people like Bogdan’s family back in the Ukraine, and many more just like them. We need the help and support of people just like you, to help put an end to this radical attempt at occupying and controlling the Ukraine.

Peace for Ukraine

Designed and printed in Canada

All T-Shirts available for purchase are designed and printed here in Canada. Not only are these shirts made locally, but by designing and printing in Canada, this allows us to save on production costs, meaning that we are able to donate more proceeds to the Ukraine.
Help us in our mission to support the Ukraine and to help end the violence.